Frequently Asked Questions

What times do you deliver and collect?

Summer (May - August) - We drop the inflatable off to you between 7.30 - 11am and collect between 6.00 - 9pm.

Spring & Fall (April & September) - We drop the inflatable off to you to you between 7.30 - 11am and collect between 5 - 8pm.

In March & October our latest collection is half an hour after sunset.

From Mid October - Mid March we only offer indoor hires.

Do you offer overnight hire?

Yes on some items, overnight hire is an extra £20 unless specified otherwise.

Can we have a mid-week booking?

Yes during the summer holidays we are able to offer mid-week hires but do ask that we drop the inflatable off the night before, the only exception to this is our Disco Dome which will be dropped on the morning between 7-8am. To book a weekday hire please call the office on 01702 680300.

How much will the blower cost to run over the hire?

It works out to be between 15 - 25p per hour depending on your electric tariff.‚Äč

How do I pay for the hire?

We only accept cash upon delivery or bank transfer in advance. We do not accept cheques.

Can I hire just 'extras'?

Yes you can but our minimum order value is £50 not including delivery charge.

Can we use the castle in rain?

Some of our inflatables come with a shower cover and can be used in light showers. However due to the electrical blowers and extension leads we do ask that you switch them off during heavy showers and the blower & extension lead to be covered with one of the mats. Our Disco Dome is the only exception to the rule.

What happens if its forecast to rain or raining in the morning?

Our bad weather policy allows you to cancel up to 2 hours before the drop off due to bad weather. If it is heavily raining in the morning then we will give you a call before we set off to see if you still want to go ahead with the hire. If it looks like it will brighten up, on some occasions, we are able to delay the drop off time.

Is there anything I need to do before the hire?

All we ask is that the pathway to where you would like the castle and the area where the inflatable is going is clear of any debris & animal foul. The pathway needs to be a minimum of 3 foot.

Do you provide extension lead?

Yes, for every inflatable we will provide a 30 metre long extension lead. If you believe we will require more please let us know when booking with us.

How much space do I need for the bouncy castle?

All inflatable units need a few extra feet around them for safety, please see as follows:-

- around 3/4 feet behind the inflatable for the blower but this can be tucked under trees/bushes etc.

- 1 foot on each side of the inflatable so that the unit isn't touching anything that may damage it.

- 3/4 foot in front of any entrance/exit of the inflatable for safety.

All sizes quoted above are the minimum required. If you think the castle may be a tight fit for your garden please give us a call on 01702 680300.

Can we hire outside during winter?

I'm afraid we do not hire our inflatables outside between November - February.

Can I hire in windy conditions?

We are unable to hire out in winds over Beaufort scale 5. We only assess this on the day of which we will call you in the morning and then every hour or so we will re-assess the situation hoping that it drops below Beaufort scale 5 in which we will then drop the castle off to you.

Can the castle go through my house?

Yes, the majority of castles will be able to fit through a house. Our larger castles such as the super slide and bungee run will not fit through many houses as these castles are at least 3ft wide. Please also bear in mind that our sack barrows may be muddy and we accept no responsibility for any damage caused.

Can adults use the inflatables?

Unless we specify that the castle is suitable for adults to use then we're afraid not. We understand it may be tempting but please don't as its dangerous for you and it also damages the inflatable.